Artist Research

                                                       Paul Cezanne


Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) was a French Artist and Post Impressionist Painter who was famous for the transition from the 19th Century form of art to the new and different 20th Century art.

What appeals to me is the use of colours and strokes used to give texture to each painting, in particular the “Still Life With Pomegranate And Pears” Although still rough the painting gives great depth and vibrance.

                                                      Philip Guston 


In the 1950’s, Philip Guston was famous for being a First Generation Abstract Artist, however in the 1960’s he decided to create a cartoonist rendering to symbols and objects.

What appeals to me is this cartoonist adaption to his paintings. The unusuality makes his paintings interesting and appealing to look at, a style that is fun.

                                                      Valentin Serov 


Valentin Serov was a Russian Portrait Artist in the 1890’s, who favoured painting Actors, Artists, and Writers.

What appeals to me with Serov’s work is the seriousness portrayed within his subjects, giving a feel of who the person is and their story.

                                                      Emil Nolde 


Emil Nolde was a German Painter and Printmaker who was considered to be one of the great Oil Painting and Watercolour Painters of the 20th Century.

What appeals too me with Nolde is how the same use of colours can bring out different meanings in each painting.

                                                     Joseph Shepard

Shepard was an Artist and Sculptor in the 1900’s famous for his passion of the human figure.

What appeals to me with Shepard is his fine detail with not only movement of the figure but every line that defines it.

                                                 Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Renoir was a French Painter originally associated with the Impressionist Movement. Most of his works were of real life which brought plenty of light. However he ended up painting formally of portraits and figures particularly of women.

What appeals most to me with Renoir is the lighting technique he was able to produce making his paintings feel warm and bright. The reflections in the water in “The Seine At Asnieres Aka The Skiff” brings out the painting in an inspiring way.

                                                    Henri matisse 

Matisse was a French Artist who was known for his use of colour and original draftsmanship in the 1800’s-1900’s.

What appeals to me with Matisse is the use of vibrant colours. The unappealing is the rough looking paint strokes used which makes the painting looked rushed.

                                                      M C Escher

Escher is a famous Artist known for Ascending and Descending structures, relativity and transformation prints in the 1900’s.

What appeals to me most with Escher is how every time you look at his work you see something different. It is unusual in some drawings yet tells a story in a creative way.

Week 9 Tutorial

Today we had to draw a cute young girl followed by designing her family with each having a different stereotype.

The Mother being large and tough
The father being thin and nerdy
The Son, 18 and rebellious
The Granny or Grandpa being old and frail